Sweet pea

Explore a variety of sweet pea flowers and learn how to grow them in your garden. Add a touch of beauty and fragrance to your outdoor space with these charming blooms.
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Spring Inspiration

Do you love all of the floral stems, but aren't for sure how to put them together? No problem, that's what we're here for! Below are some arrangements that we've created, as well as what products are used to make it! (It takes a second for these to pull up....so please be patient....we promise, the inspiration is worth it ;)

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Sweet Peas in April :: Birth Flower of the Month — FUTURE KING & QUEEN

Like ruffled spring skirts, the old fashioned Sweet Pea flowers have a particular charm about them which suggests gentle romance. In the Southern Hemisphere , it's time to plant the seeds of this gorgeously scented flower in the still-warm Autumn soil. And in the Northern Hemisphere , waking up t

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Sweet Pea Seeds | Lathyrus Odoratus

Elevate your garden with our exquisite collection of sweet pea seeds for Spring and Summer 2024 planting. Immerse yourself in a riot of colors and fragrances, a true delight for your senses. Don't miss the chance to sow the seeds of beauty and grace in your garden.

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