Tandem insulin pump

Discover how a tandem insulin pump can revolutionize your diabetes management. Find the perfect pump for your needs and take control of your health today.
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Accessorize Your Insulin Pump and Yourself!: Hi everyone! I am Jessica Floeh, a Type 1 Diabetic designer working on ways to make the insulin pump into a positive conversation piece and ultimately a fashion statement. I wanted to share with my fellow Type 1's a new way to transform your pump i…

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Compatibility: The tandem tslim pump case compatible with t: Slim, t: Slim X2, t: Slim G4 insulin pumps without screen protector. 360° Rotatable: The tandem tslim x2 pump case with clip features a 360° smooth swivel clip and smooth edges to give you more choice to adjust the angle for more comfortable movement on your belt, waistband, or pocket. Strong Clip: The tslim pump clip has a strong grip to keep your tandem t-slim x2 pump firmly on your belt. Easy on and easy off, a great diabetic…

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