Tarot spreads am i cursed

Explore these powerful tarot spreads to gain insights and clarity on whether or not you're cursed. Take control of your destiny and break free from any negative energy that may be holding you back.
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Have you ever been hit by an experience, good, bad, or otherwise, that's left your head spinning and wondering what the hell just happened to you? Here's a spread for when that happens, to help you figure out what you experienced, and what you can take away from it. The more difficult a situation, often the more important it is that we reflect back on it and figure out what we have to learn. These prompts are based on the processing sequence of questions adventure-based educators (which I…

amanda wiggins
The Tower Tarot Card Spread - A Tarot Spread for Sacred Destruction – Labyrinthos Wicca, The Tower Tarot Meaning, The Tower Tarot Card, Tarot Major Arcana, The Tower Tarot, Tarot Guide, Oracle Card Spreads, Tarot Astrology, Oracle Cards

Explore the Tower major arcana tarot card with this tarot spread. Since the Tower is about destruction and upheaval, use this spread when you realize shifts must be made, but are having a hard time having the courage to put them into action.

Tanja Wild