Tea bag art

Explore the world of tea bag art and discover unique ways to create beautiful masterpieces. Get inspired and start your own tea bag art project today.
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How to Clean Tea Bags to Use in Your Tea Bag Art — carol ann webster

I drink hot tea and I like lots of different flavors. I buy different brands, like Stash, Steep, or Twinings. All three brands have tea bags that are the same size, no staples, and have similar texture. Since I drink so much tea, it always pains me to throw out the used tea bags (I think “Oh no, th

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5 Reasons I Use a Tea Bag to Make Art — carol ann webster

Making art using tea bags is kind of like going on an art mini-vacation. You have your regular work, but you stop to take a break and make art on a tea bag. It’s quick and you feel like you’ve been a way for a while. I like to use a tea bag for an art-making mini-vacation because: Tea bags are s

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363 Days Of Tea: Artist Paints Beautiful Pictures On Old Tea Bags - Flashbak

New York-based artist Ruby Silvious reuses old tea bags as canvases. On 3 January 2015, Silvious embarked her project 363 Days of Tea. “I don’t plan ahead [what to paint],” she says. “I want to engage people and get them to reimagine discarded objects. I want them to look at tea bags in a different … Continue reading "363 Days Of Tea: Artist Paints Beautiful Pictures On Old Tea Bags"

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Artist Makes Incredible Mini Paintings In Tea Bags And The Result Is A

Apparently, there are many different ways to keep a diary and this unique artist from New York, Ruby Silvious, has discovered an amazing one. While some of us tend to throw away used tea bags after finishing our tea, Silvious reuses them... as canvases for her miniature paintings.

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