Teaching kids respect

Discover effective strategies and engaging activities to teach kids respect. Help your children develop important life skills and build positive relationships with others.
Teach Kids about Respect

Teach children about treating others with respect using a timeless story about how some words and actions can't be undone. This SEl technique is a powerful reminder that even when tempers are hot, it's important to treat people with respect and care.

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Creating a home that is based around mutual affection and enjoyment, begins with a standard of behaviour, and these 5 behaviours, are ones that are not allowed to flourish in my home, with no excuses. I chose these because when raising kids, as they get a little older, it becomes harder to maintain the delicate

Meghan Leigh Fretenborough

Welcome to one of my hundreds of character building posts. Today we focus on respect. These 20 ways to teach kids about respect include my previous lessons, crafts, activities, book collections and thoughts about teaching kids the importance of showing respect. I am also including other ideas I’ve found around the web so you are...Read More

As a Daisy Girl Scout, the girls will have the opportunity to earn 10 petals, 4 leaves and the center of the flower. Each Petal representing a different part of the Girl Scout Law. Today’s post is about the Respect Authority Law. There is no right or wrong way to approach teaching your girls about the law … Farmhouse Classroom Decor, Teaching Kids Respect, Responsive Classroom, Classroom Behavior, Classroom Rules, Classroom Community, Character Education, Beginning Of School, Teaching Classroom

If you are looking for ideas to make your meeting more fun while teaching your girls how to respect authority you have come to the right place. Using some of these activities below to help your girls understand who is authority and learn how to respect them by listening to their parents, teachers, police, and leader who are there to help them follow directions and rules that are made to keep them safe. I recommend the following activities that will reinforce respecting authority: Practice…