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10 Hi-Tech Lines and Arrows set This file contains 14 Hi-Tech Arrow shapes and 9 Lines shapes, you can use these shapes in Designing sci-fi UI kits Designing Hi-tech graphics Designing Sci-fi game assets Cinematography and video effects Instead download 250+ Elements bundle and save money To download more interesting Hi-tech hud shapes click the image below To download more interesting Sci-Fi ui kits please click the image below Check out some of our premium collections below

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Elynor & Co. is a graphic design studio comprised of expert visual storytellers. We specialize in powerpoint presentations, infographics, branding, and Squarespace web design that visually engages audiences through strategic and gorgeous design using both sides of our brains.

Aditi Nag
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Four months before they began production, Marvel Studios approached us to collaborate on their highly anticipated sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Our team started early conceptual design development of a wide range of scenes, ranging from Nick Fury’s in-car HUD (Heads-Up-Display) as seen in a high-speed car chase, to the reincarnation of an old Captain America villain Arnim Zola.

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