Teddy boys

Discover the rebellious style of Teddy Boys fashion and get inspired to create your own unique look. Explore top ideas and tips to embrace this iconic subculture and make a statement with your style.
Teddy Boys in some very posh suits. Juliette Lasserre/Stringer / Getty Images Hipster Style, Teddy Boy Style, Teddy Boy, Teddy Girl, Mens Fashion Business Casual, Teddy Boys, Mens Fashion Business, Adored Vintage, Vintage Mens Fashion

"The Teddy Boy look" began in 1950's England when young men wore clothing inspired by the dandies of the Edwardian era. They were originally named "Cosh boys" until the Daily Express shortened 'Edwardian' to 'Teddy' for a headline in 1953, changing history.

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