Temporary wall decor

Transform your walls with creative temporary decor that adds personality and style to your space. Explore top ideas to easily refresh your walls without commitment.
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Sometimes, ugly walls might just wear on your last nerve. You can't stand to see it anymore, but you can't fix it either. Maybe you don't have the money to redo the wall. You might have future plans for the space and just need a short term fix. Or, like many others, maybe you rent […]

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Lightweight Room Dividers, a Temporary Wall for Renters: We made extremely lightweight temporary walls by creating (nearly) floor-to-ceiling room dividers that aren’t nailed or screwed into walls or ceilings. They use tension from furniture levelers pushing against the ceiling to stay in place. We have a …

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7 great wall coverings for when you can't paint! tapestries, temporary wallpaper, DIY removable fabric wallpaper, etc. lots of good ideas! www.prettyprovidence.com Home Décor, Home, Renters Decorating, Rental Decorating, Temporary Wall Decor, Temporary Wall Covering, Decorating On A Budget, Home Decor, Apartment Decor

Temporary wallpaper ideas - from peel and stick wallpaper to using wrapping paper and double-sided tape. There's something for everyone (and every budget!) Maybe you want to add a little more interest to your walls without doing a permanent wall treatment, or perhaps are living in a rental and aren't allowed to paint! Whatever the reason, we have seen a lot of cool temporary wallpaper options come out in the past few years so we thought we'd put all of these ideas in one place for you. *This…

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