The flying nun

Explore the world of The Flying Nun, a beloved TV show that continues to captivate audiences with its heartwarming story and charming characters. Discover the magic and laughter of this timeless series and join the adventure today.
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Remember having to wake up from your afternoon nap and turning on the TV to watch your favorite show? Those were the days! Before the internet, we used to stick around the house in front of the television to laugh, cry, be scared, be amazed, be inspired, be motivated, or for ...

Elizabeth Melton
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Let me spell this out in black & white... Today we're taking a look at some notable on-screen nuns from the movies (as well as some TV.) I'm not trying to make a habit of it, nor break any rule(r)s, just putting them out there for your perusal. You may find a special favorite or perhaps take note of one that's sorely missed from my incomplete line-up. I can't gather up all of 'em, you know! Thanks to our cover girl Mary Astor from an early screen appearance. And now, onward and nunward we…

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