The power of introverts

Discover the incredible potential of introverts and harness their unique strengths. Learn how to empower introverts and create a more inclusive and balanced environment for everyone.
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Things some of us enjoy more than anything else might sound like a total headache to others, often because of our personality type. It's especially common when it comes to extraverts and introverts. These terms, introduced by Carl Jung in the early 1920s, separate people who use socializing like a flower uses sunlight from those who need peace and quiet to recharge their batteries.

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Let’s see how we can encourage introverts to verbally participate more in class. A students’ willingness to discuss, ask questions and/or express an opinion, make any class more interesting, fun yet challenging for everyone. After reading the book Quiet – The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan ... Read More about Introverts Can Bring Great Value in the Class — TRY THIS!!

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Carl Jung was one of the first people to define the terms introvert and extrovert in a psychological context; Jung described extroverts as preferring to engage with the outside world of objects, sensory perception, and action while introverts, according to him, are more focused on the internal world, are thoughtful and insightful.

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