Tiny attic bedroom

Transform your tiny attic into a cozy and functional bedroom. Discover creative ideas to maximize space and create a peaceful retreat in your home.

Today is a scary and hillariously exciting day. Why you may ask? Well, today you get to see my first ever video tutorial. This has been something that has been in the works for a while, I just never actually get around to doing it... after all there is only one of me. When your...

Justyna Drzewiecka
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Not really a conversion, more like making use of a dead space in a Victorian semi. This loft space was pitch black, filled with soot, spiders and no walls or floor...proper scary. The builders put in two Velux windows, loft ladders and some chip board on the floor...they didn't finish it (probably tired of the whole regrettable job, as it was pretty disgusting up there) so the two end walls, hatch doors on the floor and also the skirting board are not finished. Nao did a great job to…

Kerry adams