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Experience the beauty of being in love with these captivating aesthetic ideas. Discover how to create a romantic ambiance and cherish every moment of your love story.

I am an imperfect person loved by a perfect God. My only hope is in the perfect merit of Christ. He became my perfection and He is the only way into Heaven. My favorite season is Autumn🍁🍂🪔 favorite disney character Belle🥀🌹 True beauty comes from within Ultimately, it really doesn't matter how good looking someone is, it's what's in their heart that will make a lasting impression. Belle sees right through the exterior to the intentions of people, and forms her bonds based on the kindness…

Juan Betancur
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There's a lot of courage involved in the process of feeling emotions. A constant development is needed to become a good person, and most of the times it's difficult to be one. It's okay to be mean sometimes, it's okay to be good others, but what really matters after death, is to stay true to ourselves and those surrounding us. Because we blossom to become a better version of us, for us. PINTEREST BOARD:

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