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What you need to know about nail fungal infection

Study by the University of Bologna confirms: How you can effectively combat nail fungus - even though nothing has worked for you so far! How I finally got rid of my nail fungus after 6 years - completely naturally, without discomfort, and within a few weeks. Rachel Davis | Health-Expert Published: Tuesday, 5 January

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Removed Your Toenail Polish and Have White Chalky Patches?

Many of our clients already know what this is but for those that don’t here’s the lowdown! If after removing your toenail polish, you see these white chalky patches then in most cases it is a condition called keratin granulation. These occur from constant polish wearing. This is not a fungus but can look much like it and can trigger a fungus so it is important to treat it. Keratin granulations occur because the polish dries out the surface of the nail. When the nail surface gets this dry it…

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11 Home Remedies For Toenail Fungus That Actually Work

Honestly, no one really wants to admit they have a problem with toenail fungus. It’s just so embarrassing, and you feel like it means you’re unclean. But the fact is that fungal toenail infections can happen to anyone at any time simply by walking around barefooted. Whether it’s walking in the mud in the creek...

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