Token economy

Learn how to create a successful token economy system to promote positive behavior and increase motivation. Discover top ideas and tips for implementing a token economy in various settings.
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by Sasha Long, BCBA, M.A. Attention behaviors tend to be the most annoying, for me anyways. Whining, fighting, talking back, swearing, and yelling out can all be attention seeking behaviors. This past week we have gone in-depth on some key strategies for reducing attention maintained problem behaviors. First thing you need to do before trying any […]

Natasha Maher
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I wanted to share how I use (and have used for several years) a token economy in my classroom. I taught at different PBIS/PBS schools for 7 years, and a token economy is the perfect addition to what your school is already doing! I’ve used this system in 1st, 2nd, and 4th grades, and absolutely ... Read more

Maddie Glas
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ADHDers of all ages struggle to troubleshoot problem behaviors and develop good habits. Parents can have an especially hard time helping kids with this while barely muddling through ourselves. We recently tried a new strategy with our six-year-old. I’ve written before that I prefer intrinsic motivation and natural consequences. However, parents of kiddos with ADHD […]

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