Tord boontje

Explore the enchanting world of Tord Boontje and discover stunning designs that will add a touch of magic to your home. Get inspired and bring a whimsical charm to your living space.
Tord Boontje, Until Dawn Curtain, 2004. Courtesy of Artecnica. Tord Boontje, Curtain Room Divider, Until Dawn, Graphic Projects, Curtain Wall, Floral Curtains, Garden Windows, Shower Panels, White Curtains

Week 3: lighting and textiles Tord Boontje, Wednesday Light, 2002. Courtesy of the Design Museum of London. As you will recall, we looked at Tord Boontje's designs for tableware and furniture last week, and one of the collections that I focused on was Boontje's 2002 Wednesday collection. This is a great place to start this week's discussion about Boontje's lighting and textile designs because the Wednesday Light is one of the first examples of real commercial success for Boontje. Like most…

Jeanne Bintzer