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Discover practical and engaging tot school schedule ideas to help your little one learn and grow. Create a structured routine that nurtures their development and keeps them engaged throughout the day.
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Our community theme is one of my favorites because there are so many fun things we can do. I could probably spend a month on this theme exploring lots of jobs, places and community helpers. Here were our plans for our community theme: And here are the details for each activity: Making Inferences: Madelynn loves […]

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Our Weekly Preschool Homeschool Rhythm — Ideas, Homeschool Programs, Homeschool Schedule, Homeschool Prek, Homeschool Preschool, School Schedule, Tot School Schedule, Unschooling, Homeschool

So you’ve decided to homeschool your toddler but have no idea how to fill your days. Rather than a rigid tot school schedule or toddler homeschool schedule, we use a preschool homeschool rhythm. Heavily influenced by Waldorf Weekly Rhythm for Toddlers, our weekly rhythm gives us time to learn and re

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