Traditional tattoo writing

Explore classic and meaningful traditional tattoo writing ideas to express your personal style. Get inspired and find the perfect design for your next tattoo.
Old School Tattoo Alphabet by Nic Hilditch_Art. I love Old School lettering on tattoos. This is a great typeface poster. #oldschoollettering Hand Lettering, Letters, Lettering Alphabet, Fonts Alphabet, Lettering Fonts, Lettering, Alphabet, Handlettering, Old School Fonts

As someone who is interested in both graffiti and tattoos, fonts and lettering play a massive part in these two things. This lead to several font/ alphabet experiments in several styles, some of which blurred the boundary between graffiti and tattoos. I like the use of lettering within artwork. I feel the use of few words with imagery gives a powerful starting point in understanding its meaning. Language itself is something I find very interesting too, how you can never fully translate a…

Jared Hobson