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40+ Unbelievable Fan Theories About Iconic Movies

Movies provide much more than entertainment—they offer an opportunity to escape from the real world and get immersed in the fictional universe. When films leave plot holes or unresolved questions, super fans use the opportunity to analyze every little detail and come up with their own unbelievable theories based on them. While some fan theories are intriguing, others are just outrageous. These ones will completely change the way you see your favorite movies and they'll completely blow your…

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Female Celebs Who Never Had Kids

Being a mom is not in the cards for every woman, especially in the 21st century. Some of the biggest female celebs out there, like Jennifer Aniston, Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton, have made the conscious decision to not have kids for a variety of reasons. Here's some our favorite stars who have opted out of the mom life.

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Plastic Fantastic: 40+ Celebs Who Admit Going Under The Knife

In today’s world, we all face enormous pressure when it comes to our appearance. Whether it’s looking younger, thinner, or perfectly airbrushed—beauty standards have never been higher, and often people turn to surgical enhancements to get the looks they've always dreamed of.Celebs face this pressure even more than us mere mortals, and often head under the knife to keep their appearance tip top. But many don’t try to hide the fact that they’ve had plastic surgery—in fact, it’s more common…

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You Won’t Believe Which NFL Teams These Superstar Celebriti...

The Superbowl is basically like a National holiday in the United States, and when football season comes around, it’s all about getting geared up and ready for some intense sports action and fun for the next few months.Whether you’re a big sports fan or not, we all have our own personal reasons for why we choose to root for the team that we do – especially when it comes down to the NFL. Your choice can be based on staying loyal to your home state, having a secret man crush on one of the…