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Explore the incredible performance of Travis Fimmel as he portrays the legendary character in the hit TV series Vikings. Discover the epic moments and memorable scenes that made him a fan favorite.
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You might not know his name but you may well remember Travis Fimmel’s rather unforgettable face. The Aussie first came to prominence in the early 2000s with a series of striking ads for Calvin Klein. Indeed, he became such as sensation the he became the first male model to sign a six-figure deal to model […]

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. --- The Craft of War - Seeing the news that model-turned-actor Travis Fimmel was maybe set to star in it I was simultaneously turned on and rolling my eyes at the idea of a Warcraft movie, but I guess I'd forgotten that Moon director Duncan Jones was going to direct it. There's never no eye-rolling in Duncan Jones' general direction! Colin Farrell is also apparently up for one of the film's four leads. --- Blue Movie - I'm thinking about going to see Blue is the Warmest Color tonight, have…

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. You know those commercials that they force us to watch while trapped inside the theater waiting for our movie to start? I've gotten pretty good at tuning them out at this point, but I'm glad that the History Channel's new series Vikings (starting this Sunday, March 3rd) caught my eye because Hello Again, Travis Fimmel. Best remembered for those scorching Calvin Klein underwear ads awhile back (see lots of him here and here) he's since bounced around trying to be an actor - anybody remember…

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Ragnar Lodbrok: The Real History The year 2013 marks the beginning of the cinematographic reign of heroes of a new genre. Indeed, March 2013 marks the beginning of the broadcasting of a new series in the United States: Vikings. Five years after its launch, the series, now cult, is in its fifth season. To try to understand the dazzling and unanimous success of this American series, it may be interesting to look at the true history of this Scandinavian people and more particularly at one of…

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