Tree Identification

Enhance your knowledge of tree identification with expert tips and techniques. Discover the key features to look for when identifying trees and become a pro at recognizing different tree species.
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Tree/Leaf Identification. "Great for Botany Lesson on Leaves! Print and take with you on your leaf hunt!" Outdoor, Nature, Gardening, Plants, Tree Bark Identification, Tree Leaf Identification, Tree Identification, Leaf Identification, Plant Identification

These pictures and their accompanying text are taken from a beautiful old book on tree identification written by R. ST. Barbe Baker, the self-styled founder of the wonderfully-named The Men of the Trees, an organisation I know nothing about, but wish I had belonged to. The book came out in the 1940s, so all of it is now copyright free. I post this material for those of you who are of a Crafty persuasion (you know who you are;) and anyone else who is interested and would find the information…

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Identification Chart | Leaves of Trees and Shrubs – Iris Luckhaus | Illustration & Design Flora, Art, Gardening, Camping, Nature, Hamsters, Montessori, Tree Leaf Identification, Leaf Identification

This summer, we’ve been out and about in forests, fields, parks and gardens a lot, and enjoyed identifying trees! We noticed that the distinction between tree and shrub is quite impractical for identifying leaves on the go!, and therefore, I decided to extend my 25 Tree Leaves identification chart to 36 Tree and Shrub Leaves, […]

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