Turkey crockpot soup

Warm up with a bowl of flavorful turkey soup made in a crockpot. Explore our top recipes to create a comforting and hearty meal for any occasion.
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This is my favorite recipe for Creamy Turkey Wild Rice Soup! Use your leftover turkey and herbs from Thanksgiving to make a satisfying and healthy soup that is just what you need after all the carb loading you did on Thursday. (I know you.) The hint of lemon and the shredded carrots make this soup really unique and flavorful!

kara brockett
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Crockpot turkey wild rice soup is warm and comforting soup that not only breathes new life into your leftover turkey but also provides a wholesome meal. As the holiday feasting draws to a close there's often one thing left lingering in abundance: leftover turkey. The best way to use it up is to make soup! Instructions to make this easy turkey soup recipe in the Instant Pot are also included.

Emily Sujka