Types of elves

Explore the enchanting world of elves and learn about the various types of elves, from mischievous tricksters to wise forest guardians. Uncover the secrets and characteristics of these mythical beings.
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My take on various DnD style elves. There are quite a few elf types, and all of the ones I'll illustrate are original characters. This is the second set of portraits. 2022. Made using Procreate. Includes autumn, winter, spring and summer eladrin elves, astral elf, drow, wood elf, and a half elf tiefling.

Information of a story that I am working on including building up my world(s). Fictional Characters, Vampires, Art, Types Of Elves, Elves, The Elf, Elf, Vampire, Version

What do you like best Vampires or Elves ( Personally I like Elves )? This is the difference between Vampires and Elves in Art Taritian Edition, because Moformain Vampires are little bit different than normal Vampires as for the Elves are pretty much the same in Art Tari, but a little bit different than most, because in this version of the Elf they happened to be sort of like a different type of Vampire, but only a little bit the opposite.