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Embark on epic ultralight hiking adventures with the must-have gear that will make your journey lighter and more enjoyable. Discover top ideas to help you conquer the trails with ease.
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Long distance thru-hiking is undoubtedly a gear sport. What you bring, and what you leave at home, can make a huge difference not only to one's comfort on the trail, but also ultimately to either making or not making it. Lightweight and multi-use are the name of the game. Here are all the gear I w

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“There seems to be a miscommunication, that UL just means driving up miles but what it can mean is including so many more people.” JPD began our conversation talking about conceptions of UL as exclusive and elitist—we both had several stories of our gender and gender expression being an issue in the wider outdoor community.

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To go ultralight or not, is that the question? Today, the debate seems over: why carry more when you can carry less and increase the enjoyment of your hike? Technology allows us to have lighter fabrics and materials, to bring more (food, books, music) while being lighter. Of course, if you’ve foraged around the internet, you know the basics: go lightweight but stay secure and comfortable. You are not a tourist going around in flip-flops on a snowy ridge! ...

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Some of the best moments in my life happened when I had the very least. Whenever I stress about money or work, I remind myself of that. When I was spending a majority of each year backpacking, hitchhiking, or cycling, people would ask me if I was a self-made millionaire or a trust-fund baby. I’d laugh it off and assure them that living like a hobo was dirt cheap. I used to have a motto back then: “A dollar saved is a mile hiked.” I’d see something I wanted to buy and think, "is it worth 200…