Unique fundraisers

Discover innovative and effective fundraiser ideas that will leave a lasting impact. Support your cause and engage your community with these unique fundraising ideas.
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Unique Fundraising Ideas If you are organizing a fundraising event, it is important to make your event stand out from the crowd. The best way to achieve this is through a unique fundraising idea that catches people’s attention. Fundraising ideas should be attractive for participants and capable of differentiating your organization from dozens of other […]

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Like other 501(C)3 organizations, churches need funds to operate. Check out ten church fundraising ideas to bring needed capital to your congregation.

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If you're looking for a sponsor a day calendar fundraiser template or pick a day calendar fundraiser for your sports team or athletic club try these ideas. See how you can raise money for your school athletic team in record time by following these simple tips! Pick a date to donate fundraiser ideas are here to stay!

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