Upcycle clothes diy refashioning trash to couture

Learn how to upcycle clothes and turn trash into fashionable couture with these creative DIY ideas. Discover the joy of refashioning and create your own unique clothing pieces.
Trash To Couture: DIY "Paper Bag Waist" Skirt From Men's Shirt Clothes, Haken, Model, Giyim, Patron Couture Facile, Tricot, Style, Outfit, Moda

I have been wanting to make a "Paper Bag Waist" skirt for while now and really liked the look of buttons down the center front. As I was organizing our closets I saw this buffalo plaid shirt my husband didn't want anymore. It was just the fabric, print, and color I was looking for with buttons right down the front. So why make life harder when I already have the buttons and hem sewn into place right? The trick was figuring out the "paper bag waist" which is a wide waist band with elastic or…

Jennifer Bisek
Don't trash old dresses, refashion them! Check out this fun list of old dress refashion tutorials and take on a great beginner sewing project. Refashioning is fun and inexpensive, so get sewing and makeover some thrift store clothes. #refashion #sewing #thrifting Diy Clothes Refashion Dress, Refashion Clothes Diy Upcycle, Altering Clothes Refashioning, Refashion Clothes Diy, Upcycle Clothes Refashioning, Upcycle Clothes Diy Refashioning, Revamp Clothes Refashioning, Upcycle Clothes Thrift Store Refashioning, Clothing Upcycle Diy

I'm not sure what it is about dresses, but they seem to be super popular for refashions! My guess would be because they're easy to fit, often come with cute prints, and fun to wear.

Swoodson Says

On set for "It's Sew Easy." I got a crazy response in regard to this refashioned blouse into a bomber jacket. It's exactly how I did the men's shirt upcycle "Button Down to Bomber" tutorial here. Full video is here as well... I actually was going to give this blouse away and before leaving for my "It's Sew Easy TV" taping I whipped it up so I could wear it on set for the episode on "Button Down to Bomber." It fit me perfect so all I had to do was add the rib knit from Organic Cotton Plus and…

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I came up with this idea to make tight shirts wearable again. I had so many cool t-shirts yet most of them were purchased when it was trendy to have them nice and snug. I love how this turned out and did with with fringe here as well. Supplies: Brother Sewing Machine XR3774 2-3 yards of 4-6" width crochet or lace trim t-shirt or sleeveless top DIY Tutorial: Cut the side seams and if there is sleeves cut them off as well. Place the trim right sides together starting at the bottom hem and…

Heather Elizabeth