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Annoying Things You Can Relate With If You Wear Glasses

When you can't see well without your glasses, life can be a struggle. Something as seemingly inconsequential as coming back indoors on a cold day can make your specs steam up like you're in a sauna! For females, even trying to put makeup on in the morning can be an hard task. Of course, just because someone wears spectacles doesn't mean they're as blind as a bat. What it does mean is that all of these images are real life problems. Take a look!

Cristina Montez
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Everyone’s at least somewhat familiar with the Scooby-Doo series of animated low-stakes real estate mysteries, correct? The one where a group of nomadic teens in a van roam the country stopping (usually) real estate developers from using Halloween costumes to force the sale of properties? You know what kind of van…

Daedra Lord Kathutet