Victorian Lady

Transform into a graceful Victorian lady with these elegant costume ideas. Discover the perfect outfit to capture the timeless beauty of the Victorian era.
What did women did in the past to look beautiful? We've put together best weird and crazy beauty secrets of a Victorian Lady! Victorian Beauty Standards, Victorian Lady Aesthetic, Victorian Hobbies, Victorian Age Aesthetic, Victorian Makeup, Victorian Era Aesthetic, Victoria Era, Beautiful Infographics, Historical Accessories

Arsenic And Old Lace: A Look At The Beauty Secrets of a Victorian Lady It's no secret that some cosmetics available today have a plethora of dangerous chemicals and carcinogens that could negatively affect health. With the demand for women's perfect bodies, some may look with envy upon an earlier time, when beauty standards weren't so strict. The Victorian era has been an object of great romance, where paleness and a few extra pounds were actually positive. But as the old saying goes, the…


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