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Discover the timeless style and elegance of vintage 40s dresses. Find inspiration for your next outfit and create a look that is both classic and fashionable.
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Kyra Allison
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Pink Princess is a subaesthetic of Princesscore. It is a traditionally feminine aesthetic, heavily influenced by the Rococo era, the late Victorian era, and the 1950s and early 1960s. It emphasizes girlish innocence and has a nostalgic and often romanticized view of the past. Those who follow the Pink Princess aesthetic are inspired by real life princesses like Marie-Antoinette as well as those who have reached a princess-like level of wealth. Pink Princess is the combination of Rococo and…

Tania Lawley
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My first love of all the vintage retro decades was with the 1940s. Perhaps because clothing was similar to that in the 1980s, the decade I grew up in, and I subconsciously wanted to relive those times? Hmm, maybe. The reason doesn't matter, but the love for 1940s clothing, especially 1940s dresses, does. You can

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