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Ms. Pac-Man Transformations | No. 2 Pencils Retro, Avengers, Nintendo, Pixel Art, Video Game, Pac Man, Pacman Game, Pacman, Retro Games

I have been trying to talk less and let kids figure out more on their own this year and in searching for a way to introduce transformations found this AMAZING lesson from Robert Kaplinsky. You guys, I didn't even have to teach it! My kids caught on so quickly they were describing multiple transformations like it was nothing! I followed Robert's plan by using the intro video (you can download it from his blog) that showed translations, rotations, and reflections. Yes, we gather like we are in…

Ruby Rider47
Sexy Arcade Game Advertisements From The 1980s - Neatorama Videos, Video Game, Pop, Retro, Vintage, 80s Video Games, Arcade Games, Retro Video Games, 90s Video Games

Somewhere along the way video games became child’s play in the minds of consumer groups and ratings boards, but back in the radically square 8-bit arcade days there were way more adults playing games than kids.The arcade game ads of yore were cheesy in all the right ways, with garish art and big haired models who look completely out of place standing near an arcade cabinet, let alone trying to play a video game (gasp!):Explore the seamy underbelly of early arcade game advertising with this…