Vintage hotels

Experience the allure of yesteryear at these vintage hotels. Step back in time and immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of these historical gems.
The Driftwood Motel - Miami Beach, Florida by The Pie Shops, via Flickr Beach Signs, Miami Art Deco, Foto Transfer, Vintage Hotels, Miami Beach Florida, Hotel Motel, Vintage Florida, Old Florida, Holiday Inn

171st and Collins Ave. Miami Beach, Fla. The Right People awarded overwhelming recognition to this new Motel. Each room is equipped with private tub and shower, running ice water, and air conditioned. On the premises is our own private pool - surf bathing - shuffle boards - golf range - horse shoes, and other sporting activities. Cocktail Lounge and Restaurant on the Premises. The Driftwood is truly a Vacation Paradise. Mailed fro North Miami, Florida to Mr. & Mrs. Sinclair Russ and Mr…

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