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Transform your laundry room into a charming and nostalgic space with these vintage laundry ideas. Find inspiration to create a unique and stylish laundry area that will make your chores more enjoyable.
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I am so in love with this laundry room! This is my sister's laundry room that we worked on while I was there. It is a pass-through laundry room, and this is how it looked before: My sister really likes my laundry room, and wanted her blank wall to have a similar look to mine. Here is a picture of mine (full post here): She was also dying to have a pallet sign like mine. In fact, I was just going to bring her mine, but I couldn't get it to fit in my suitcase! But we started with the beadboard…

Elia Trevino
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John Gibbons was a foreman at the du Pont Black Powder Mill at Hagley Yards.. In 1802 a French immigrant, Eleuthere Irenee du Pont, chose the banks of Brandywine Creek to start his black powder mills. He chose the location because of the natural energy that the water provided; the availability of timber and willow trees (used to produce quality charcoal required for superior black powder); the proximity to the Delaware River (on which other ingredients of the powder, sulfur, and saltpeter…

Shelly Harris
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About Medium: Oil on Canvas Signature: Signed Lower Right Liberty Magazine Cover, June 16, 1925. A young man hanging the laundry. Charles Leslie Thrasher was made famous by signing on for a long-term contract to paint every single weeks cover for Liberty Magazine. It was a back-breaking commitment to work at such a pace and an even greater challenge to come up with enough original cover ideas. The latter problem was partially solved by settling on a continuing story line, which followed a…

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