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Old Trucks for Sale Online: Old Trucks Classified Ads

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Robert MacKechnie
1946 Chevy Panel Truck FOR SALE! - SMD Garage Sale - New and Used ...                                                                                                                                                                                 More Gmc Trucks, Minivan, Kombi Pick Up, Vintage Pickup Trucks, Panel Truck, Cool Vans, Classic Pickup Trucks, Classic Chevy Trucks, Work Truck

1946 Chevy Panel Truck FOR SALE!

1. Product: Yea so I need a more practical 2nd vehicle so I'm selling my restored 1946 turquoise and black Chevy Panel Truck. This would be an awesome ride to be made into a loud vehicle or just keep it clean and simple. 2. Specs: The trucks motor wasn't built or nothing because I focused more on...

Steven Michael Smith
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last year 1958 Fageol Twin Coach Highway Postal truck for sale

1958 Fageol Highway Postal Convertible, last year for Fageol. Its all complete but rough, exterior skin seems to be stainless steel, except for the roof and its over 38 feet long. Its has a 8.2 British Leyland Turbo Diesel lying mid-ship. It hasn’t been on the road for at least 30 years, hasn’t been started...

Dave Roehrle