Vintage turquoise

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Vintage Turquoise & Silver cuffs,1920 - 1930 @Carol Van De Maele Van De Maele Van De Maele Markel Berard Bohol, Boho, Batu, Horn, Bijou, Armband, Krystal, Bejewelled, Gypsy

Saturday afternoon, the hubs and I took a drive up to Old Scottsdale. I don't think we got to take it all in, but we did walk around shops, galleries and restaurants in an area called fifth avenue (and guess where my mind went when I saw that!!) I'd like to go back in the evening during an Art Walk. We saw both new modern structures with charming old architecture, WATER (from the Arizona Canal), met a few shop owners - eager to share stories of the area, plus they even a bit of its history…

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