Vintage winter fashion

Step up your style game with these chic vintage winter fashion ideas. Embrace the timeless elegance and stay cozy in the latest trends for the cold season.
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1950s coats were beautifully constructed and varied slightly in styles, fabrics, and design. Most coats were long, some coming all the way to the ankle, but others went just below the knee or sat right around the hip. Typical fabrics included camel hair, wool velour, wool fleece, tweed, and fur or cashmere if you could

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Veronica Popoiacu is a freelance artist and the girl behind Because I studied art in high school and college I always had the desire to express myself. At first it was on a small dimension, later, a piece of canvas turned into a big picture. I care about the way I dress every day - for me, this is just another form of art that involves creativity.

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Simplicity 2580; ©1948; Misses Skirt and Scarf: The skirt, cut in four sections, joins to a waistband. Style 1 has an outside tuck which encircles the skirt. In Style 2, ruffling trims the lower edge. Style 3 is finished with belt carriers through which a purchased belt is inserted. In Styles 2 and 4, the scarf, cut in two sections, featured pockets on the inside under the tripe row of ruffling at each end. A hood may be formed of the scarf when the slide fastener at the center is secured…

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