Water poems

Immerse yourself in the beauty of water through these inspiring poems. Dive into a world of emotions and let the words flow like a serene river.
The Poem Farm: Water - Writing about Mysteries - This circular science poem is from The Poem Farm, Amy Ludwig VanDerwater's ad-free, searchable blog full of hundreds of poems, poem mini lessons, and poetry ideas for home and classroom - www.poemfarm.amylv.com Teaching Life Skills, Teaching Poetry, Teaching Writing, Kindergarten Poetry, Poems For Students, Kids Poems, Funny Poems For Kids, Poetry Ideas, Poetry For Kids

Pour It! Photo by Amy LV Click the arrow to hear me read this poem to you. Students - Last week I received a comment from a teacher who told me her students particularly liked this poem about how I see science as like writing, breaking out the light inside of us. Her words made me want to revisit some more old poems, ones that have never been on this site. Rummaging around in my files, I found this one about water. The poem had been getting dusty and lonely as I wrote it in 2002 and had…

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