Weather poem

Experience the beauty of nature through these inspiring weather poems. Explore the different emotions and elements of weather captured in poetic verses.
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It’s been a BUSY 4 weeks! This eCard describes my past few weeks perfectly! With tomorrow being Monday Two, I am excited to finally have a few minutes to sit down and give you all a peek into these past few weeks. This post is going to be full of catching-up-randomness! Bare with me. Every year I tell myself that I am NOT going to miss Grandparent’s Day. September gets here, flies by, and sure enough, I miss Grandparent’s Day….every.stinkin.year. So, this year, I put a reminder on my phone…

Cindy Schwein
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I have one last poem to share with you. It is about the seasons. I did already teach the season in the middle of the school year in social studies and we did make a cute poem book. The poem book was called Changes in the Year. I did post about it here. However the seasons came back in our Science book during the weather unit. So I found another poem for the poetry book. Now we did this poem towards the end of the year to there is more to read and more skills involved. Click Here if you would…

Brenda May