White painted wood floors

Transform your space with stunning white painted wood floors. Discover top ideas to create a fresh and modern look that will breathe new life into your home.
I really think white painted floors are cool.  But what color to do on the walls?? Is it too much to do white? Or would it be cool to add a colored ceiling to balance it out? White Painted Wood Floors, White Wooden Floor, White Floors, White Walls, Paint Wood Floors Ideas, White Hardwood Floors, Plywood Floors, Plywood Furniture, Engineered Hardwood

We've always loved the white painted floors that are especially prominent on Scandinavian design blogs and magazines, like these from the home of Danish stylist Sidsel Zachariassen. We wondered what the secret is to making them both pristine and durable. We found the answer in a Dwell slideshow about the smart, frugal renovation of a small two-bedroom apartment by two very clever Finnish designers who weren't afraid to d-i-themselves. 'It took Susanna several layers of sanding—and then…

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Ok, we just spent the entire weekend painting the floors. We thought this would be a quicker process, but we forgot about the part where we are literally playing tetris with all of our furniture as we paint. That means we are shoving all of the dining room furniture into the kitchen when we paint that room & then vice versa as we moved along. It added a lot of time & work to shuffle around all of the furniture as we we went along, but at this point we have the dining room done & we are…

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Follow these simple tips to paint wood floors that will last! I’m sharing how to paint wood floors today. I just made a last minute decision to paint the wood floor that was hidden underneath carpet on the third floor of the North House Lodge. Wowsa, what a difference it made in the room! Painting...Read More »

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I’ve rewritten this blog post over and over again in my head. In short, this is a very mixed review on our painted wood floors. It’s been a year since we’ve painted them and I’ve collected all of your questions from over on Instagram into an FAQ section below. Here’s the blog post on How We Painted

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We bought our Victorian farmhouse on 7 acres just over a month ago, but the place it looking entirely different now. Step inside and see what a difference paint and refinishing wood floors make! Some

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