White picket fence garden

Transform your garden with a charming white picket fence. Explore top ideas to create a picturesque and inviting outdoor space that will enhance the beauty of your home.
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Picket fence designs were once confined to a mundane and predictable fashion. That is until recently when these 12 amazing designs were discovered. Click here to find out how the team at Jay Fencing can help you get your own picket fence hassle-free and at the best price. Featured Picket Fence Designs From functional to spectacularly amazing, …

Gina Micke
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Our garden is one of my favorite places to be in the summer. It's a little wild, completely imperfect, but it never fails to give us an abundance of fresh, delicious vegetables every day. Each year I hesitate to post pictures of our garden... sometimes I feel like I do everything you shouldn't do in a garden. None of my rows are perfectly straight, I always plant my tomatoes too close to each other, weeds and grass grow abundantly no matter how hard I try, but I think that's the beauty in…

Jacqueline Snell
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This spring our big project was putting in a fence around our vegetable garden. We've always wanted to add a fence, but it became a necessity this year to act as a deterrent for the chickens when they're out foraging around the yard. When debating different options, we kept coming back to a picket fence. At my childhood home, we always had a white picket fence around our yard, so this project brought back a host of memories for me! Last year our vegetable garden was sized 20x40, which worked…

Lynne Friese