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Create a bird-friendly haven in your backyard with ideas from Wild Birds Unlimited. Learn how to attract a variety of wild birds and enjoy the beauty of nature right outside your door.
What species of bird of prey can you attract to your yard?

The species of birds you can attract is entirely dependent on where you live. I will list a few common species and the habitats they enjoy. Remember that in addition to native birds of prey, you can attract migratory birds on their journey too! Ospreys and Eagles – Ponds, lakes and rivers Kestrels and Hawks – Open Pastures Owls and Sharpies – Dense woodland Sparrow Hawks – Common Garden Check out this article to know in detail. #bird #wild #wildbird #falcon #hawk #eagle #prey

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Do you want to collaborate with the nature that surrounds you? Here you can find 8 of the daily food scraps that you can give to the birds.rnIn order to feed and maintain the rich population of wild birds, you will need to know which foods are safe. Using waste instead of disposing of it is key to maintaining a healthier environment that should be of concern to everyone.rnBy using foods that would otherwise be discarded, you can take a small step towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly…

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