Winter cooking

Explore a collection of mouthwatering winter cooking ideas that will fill your home with comforting aromas. Try these recipes and cozy up with a warm meal on a chilly day.
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As the colder months approach, nothing beats the comfort of an easy red wine beef stew. This simple beef stew recipe offers a rich, warming experience on those chilly nights. Infused with red wine's robust flavor and tender braised beef, it’s a surefire way to stay cozy and satisfied. What’s more, it’s a breeze to make with a few simple ingredients, guaranteeing a quick and easy bowl of stew whenever you crave that soothing comfort.

Heather Stanley
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Recipe video above. Considered by many to be the mother of all stews, Beef Bourguignon is a French dish made with beef, bacon lardons, carrots, onions and mushrooms slow-cooked in a rich red wine sauce. For the most magnificent stew of your life, start this 2 days before you plan to serve it, do not shortcut pan roasting ingredients individually, and use homemade beef stock if you can!

Francis Praska
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BONJOUUUUR guess what – it’s très simple! FACILE. FRA-GIL-EH. Just kidding, that’s something else. So this, oh my word. Looks fancy, right? Well, it is. But let me tell you, it’s seriously not to completely wreck your psyche or send you to self-esteem camp. Opposite, actually. It’s a chicken pot pie – but FRANCE-Y fancy. […]