Wipe away tears

Discover effective ways to wipe away tears and find comfort during difficult times. Find support and healing with these helpful ideas.
10 Ways to Overcome the Hurts in Your Life Acupuncture, Karlsruhe, Mataram, Daytime Sleepiness, Brain Stimulation, God Help Me, Burn Out, Chronic Fatigue, Burn Calories

10 Ways to Overcome the Hurts in Your Life

Every person who walks planet earth has been wounded. Some more than others. And pain has a way of sticking with us and affecting our relationships with others if we aren’t intentional about getting past it. I’ve noticed how past pain in my life can creep up and make me insecure in my marriage when my husband has given me no reason to be. It can make me hesitant to trust others when they have done nothing to undermine my trust. And past pain can even make me doubt God’s love, forgiveness, or…

Janet Teal