Wire wrapping stones

Discover unique and creative ways to wire wrap stones and create stunning jewelry pieces. Learn how to enhance the beauty of stones with wire wrapping techniques and start creating your own one-of-a-kind designs.
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6 Simple Wire Wrapping Techniques for Beginners

In this blog post, I discuss a few simple wire wrapping techniques for anyone who is starting out. If you are new to wire jewelry making, you may be feeling a little lost or overwhelmed so hopefully this will help a bit. Before you get started, you should be familiar with how to make jump rings and how to make an wrapped eye loop. You can bookmark this page for easy reference OR if you are the type who prefers a PRINTABLE version of these simple wire wrapping techniques, read below for more…

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How to Wire Wrap a Pendant - 14 Cool Ideas!

All it takes is a brilliant idea and a cool tutorial to help you learn how to wire wrap a pendant! These 14 ideas will have you set with different styles and techniques. Check out

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How to Make Wire Wrapped Pearl Earrings

Hi my crafting friends, today I want to share with you a wire wrapped earring DIY project. You will learn how to make consecutive loops using two paralleled wires, as well as how to use them to embellish the pearl. It is a simple but clever design, perfect for summer wedding or beach vacations. Now let's get started! Material Needed 50cm 28 gauge kc gold soft copper wire 60cm 22 gauge kc gold soft copper wire Ten 3mm pearl beads Two 12mm coin pearl beads Step 1. Creative Loops Using Two…

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Wire Wrapped Pendants, the Easy Way

Wire Wrapped Pendants, the Easy Way: I've been making wire-wrapped pendants for about two years now, after I learned about it from my friends. We originally started with river rocks and plain hardware-store wire, but I progressed to sea glass and occasionally tumbled stones and I use c…

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