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Dive into the action-packed adventures of Wolverine in Marvel Comics. Discover the iconic character's origins, powers, and epic battles. Join the X-Men universe and witness the unstoppable force of Wolverine.

Just revealed! X DEATHS OF WOLVERINE #3 'Anime Variant' by me. Think it’s my first cover for a Wolverine title(?), and so fun to play with a cel-shaded style.😊 to 1:25 ratio so may be in short supply. Ships late Feb.

David Nakayama
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Description (I guess you know who is this guy) Wow, the last post that I did was so long ago! So, I start to try to paint in american comics style, and this is my the first time thar I did it. It's not so bad, isn't? -- Nossa, faz tanto tempo desde da minha última postagem! Comecei tentando pintar no estilo das comics americanas, e esse é a minha pintura no genero. Não ficou tão mal, né? Lines by Tim Townsend: [link] Colors by Me

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