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Discover innovative wood rack ideas to keep your space organized and clutter-free. Find the perfect wood rack design that suits your style and maximizes storage.
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Wood stored for a fireplace or a wood burning stove does not have to be an eyesore! Checkout these seven innovative and beautiful ways to store your firewood: Under Staircase Underneath the staircase is often a waste of space. I love how they utilize this space and the chopped wood add to the overall … 7 Innovative & Beautiful Ways to Store Firewood Read More »

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The slate is blank no more! Progress has been slow, but things are shaping up. As every little piece falls into place, the shop takes one small step towards finally being functional again. Small steps, but noticeable. Yes. Here's what I accomplished last weekend - Clamp-O-Rama! For the first time ever, my clamps (of which you can never have too many) are actually making me happy. They used to be a jumbled mess that made me crazy if I even looked at them, but no more. The clamps on the lower…

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The cold is upon us all, and so comes the need for firewood. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have a rack to keep the wood stacked up neatly? Here's a few DIY Firewood rack ideas for you to try out. 1. Wood Stores and Sheds Visit Source: cutediyprojects.com

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