Yellow bird tattoo

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Last night, I got my first tattoo. I know. I know. I entered through the doors of the tattoo gallery while my phone buzzed, beeped and overloaded with text messages from friends who couldn't believe what my Facebook check-in meant, as certainly I couldn't be getting a tattoo. There were other guesses, such as the fact perhaps I was considering a piercing or even that I was accompanying my husband to get a tattoo. Anything, even the concept that I was shoved inside a van by nameless bandits…

Lindsay Joly
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After a run of 5 straight weeks without a whole day away from work (around our annual maintenance shutdown), I was very happy to take a long weekend off and "get the heck out of Dodge..." My friends John, Ed and I headed to Oak Hammock Marsh (near Stonewall, Manitoba - for my American friends, that's about 3 hours straight north from Grand Forks, North Dakota) for a weekend of birding and photography. After the gale-force winds on Saturday settled down, the birds came out in numbers and made…

Erin Lueck