Zbrush hair

Learn how to create stunning and lifelike hair in ZBrush with these expert tips and techniques. Enhance your sculpting skills and bring your characters to life with captivating hair designs.
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A while ago, I spent some time writing up an interview + tutorial piece for 80lvl. I included some tips and tricks that I thought my fellow 3D artists could possibly benefit from. I hope you find this useful! https://80.lv/articles/guide-sculpting-stylized-hair-in-zbrush/

Charles Cunningham-Scott
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My attempt at Cara Delevingne's likeness in her game-ready version :) The bust is an intro of the things to come in a glorious collab with just as glorious Alex Coman ^^ https://www.artstation.com/alexcoman Sculpted in Zbrush, textured and rendered in Marmoset Toolbag. The hair's made in Maya using GS Curve Tool plugin. All created with a proud label of "Georgian Avasilcutei's Student Work" :) https://www.artstation.com/nimlot

Юрий Москвин