Zero waste sewing patterns

Discover eco-friendly sewing patterns that promote zero waste and reduce environmental impact. Start sewing your own stylish and sustainable garments with these top zero waste pattern ideas.
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Zero Waste Robe

From Elbe Textiles: Today I am providing the dimensions for a basic, zero-waste robe pattern. I had originally called this a fauxmono, as I was inspired by the zero waste pattern elements of a Japanese kimono, and my version was a bit of a bastardization. But I am conscious of cultural appropriation and will stick with calling this a robe.

Lassie Poppins
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Sewing Patterns under 1 m fabric consumption

Zero waste sewing! The most sustainable approach to sewing is to make the most out of your fabrics. Here are my favorite sewing patterns with under 1 m fabric consumptions. Perfect to create garments from fabric scraps.

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