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a woman holding three sheep on wooden pegs in front of two other sheep figurines
a chandelier with red ornaments hanging from it's sides in a store
Dunavirág -kirakat 1
two small trees on top of a wooden board with berries and greenery around them
an arrangement of flowers and pine cones hanging from a chandelier with white feathers
Christmas arrangement ~ IZA Tkaczyk, interior and floral designer (via Facebook)
a woman is standing in front of shelves holding up some white plastic pieces to her face
a red coral sculpture sitting on top of a white table
17 Insanely Cool Things You Can Do With A Hot Glue Gun
With kids who have returned to school last week, I thought I would have more time….Well NO! Between school meeting, a dozen of books to cover, and waking up (too) early, time flies. I’m almost…
floral design flower arrangement idea
two white vases with pine cones and moss in them on a window sill
Rustikke juletræer
Hjemmelavede pynte-træer
a table topped with a small house and trees