Носки с узором сердечки вязаные спицами

вязание варежки носочки

Ravelry: julekuler - reindeer sleigh pattern by Eva Lyus #knitted_balls

when you are done knitting this julekule, you can name yourself ’mester av julekulene’ ^^ 4 different sides await you!

Рождественские носочки от Kirsten Hall - Жаккард - Страна Мам

Вышивка и аппликация

Musturi - Sarmīte Lagzdiņa - Picasa Web Albums

Nice edging options, or repeat strip knit patterns with charts. "Musturi - Sarmīte Lagzdiņa - Picasa Web Albums"-Note to self _ too smal to do anything with, copy and crop?

Круглые жаккардовые кокетки.


Helen wins Christmas, fair isle #knitting, the internet and my heart ... basically everything.

Christmas stockings are a great way to experiment with different fair isle patterns to create a wonderfully festive effect, like Helen of pointy pointy sticks did with these fantastic stocking!