Ravelry: Half Sweater Wrap | Katniss | Catching Fire | District 12 | Hunger Games pattern by Yarn me Silly

Relaxed Half Sweater Wrap | Katniss | Hunger Games pattern by Yarn me Silly

Cute sheep pattern

Cute sheep pattern, use w/different colors for cards(sheep turns out thinner than this pattern looks, but still cute- used for baby cards)

Носки с узором сердечки вязаные спицами

вязание варежки носочки

Rooted pattern by Chelsea Berkompas

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Musturi - Sarmīte Lagzdiņa - Picasa Web Albums

Nice edging options, or repeat strip knit patterns with charts. "Musturi - Sarmīte Lagzdiņa - Picasa Web Albums"-Note to self _ too smal to do anything with, copy and crop?

Круглые жаккардовые кокетки.


Круглые жаккардовые кокетки.