AMradio makes the coolest himmelis, which are traditional Finnish ornaments made of straw. These are made from plastic straws but you still get the geometric and modern feel of the original designs. Available in various configurations and colors on Etsy.

20+ Modern Christmas and Holiday Home Decorations and Decor

Geometric wall art

Abode Well Wall Decor in Gold. Good things are sure to come your way after placing these golden wall hangings in your space - like scintillating compliments from your pals on your deft decor decisions!

geometric hanging plant from Vintage Revivals

DIY room to room: Plant stands

DIY Leather and Brass Teardrop Hanging Planter - Vintage Revivals. one of the few things I'd think of "DIYing"



himmeli were created to celebrate the beginning of winter solstice

"Himmeli were created to celebrate the beginning of winter solstice." ~ the Previous Poster. A must do ritual with human saplings!

DIY Himmeli Geometric Sculpture with Straws

DIY Himmeli Geometric Sculpture with Straws

DIY Himmeli Geometric Sculpture - This tutorial is on how to create a himmeli geometric sculpture. It is the gold geometric object in the photos. These are ofte.

Once I got started making himmeli-inspired shapes, I couldn’t stop. The only thing that stopped me from making brass versions of the other straw prototypes I came up with was that my hands we…

DIY Geometric Himmeli Diamonds

Cocktail straws, gold paint and fishing line. Or paper straws, gold spray paint, string. Or copper/brass wire.

DIY KIT | Brass Himmeli Hanger | I SPY DIY


himmeli everything. Simple himmeli lighting pendant via

Himmeli Ornament set of 8  / Modern Hanging Mobile / Geometric Sculpture. imagine a branch, spray painted or not, decorated with these...stunningly modern

Set of 8 // Himmeli Ornaments / Modern Hanging Mobile / Geometric Sculpture / Minimalist Home Decor. diy, minimalist, minimal, home decor, plant hanger

Lithuanian Christmas Decorations

When It Comes to Christmas Trees, What's Up Is Down in Eastern Europe